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Why Airscream Reusable Vape Pods?

Among the vape devices available now, pod vapes are decidedly some of the most popular. Of course, new ones are being launched daily, meaning that making the choice is not the easiest thing in the world. For example, should you go for a refillable pod vape or a standard one? Here's some information on the former to help you choose.


Why You Need a Refillable Vape Kit

Environmentally Friendly

Nobody is denying that prefilled pods can feel very easy to use, especially considering their disposable nature. However, going that route means that you're going to be using more plastic. By opting for the refillable option, there's less waste, which is much better for the planet.

Super Convenient

Vape refillable pods are super convenient. Once you have a well-made kit, the versatility will likely shock you. They can be purchased with or without coils, and the user-friendliness is hard to beat. Depending on which variation you get, you may even have magnetic pods that are known to slot into place quite easily. Anyone can get going with these.

Compact and Light

A refillable vape pod kit is made to be on the smaller side, which makes it the best option if you're looking for something that you can easily carry around on the go. Additionally, their designs are typically slim and ergonomic, making them fit into their associated bags or your pockets with ease. Therefore, whether you're at the office or going for a night out, the choice should be obvious.

Flavor Variety

For obvious reasons, the world is your oyster if you choose to go the refillable route. It simply means that you don't need to stick to one flavor if it is simply not doing it for you. Instead, feel free to explore as much as possible, as the only prerequisite is that the liquid that you're choosing fits. Prefilled pods, by contrast, are much more on the limited side, and they even preselect the nicotine strength.


While it's not impossible, the likelihood of facing a bunch of challenges with refillable pods is pretty low. A big part of this is the way that they sit in their associated devices. Consider the fact that they are now also often built as top fills, meaning e-liquid leaks are unlikely. Minimal cloud production is present, and they last long. What else could you ask for?


The theme here has been how reliable refillable vape pods are, alongside their convenience. Considering these are meant to be with you for the long term, you're likely going to be saving tons of money when compared to what you would have spent if you were using disposable pods. Sure, you eventually need to swap the coil out, but many refills will happen before that time comes.


When Is It Time to Replace Your Pod?

Dry Hits

This is probably the first thing you'll experience that will tell you that your pod is up for replacement. You will notice that the quality of the hit you're getting doesn't seem like what it used to be before. The reason you experience dry hits is because the pod is starting to emit less vapor.

Note, however, that there are cases in which this indicates that something could be wrong with the pod itself. In any case, you're going for a sweet and satisfying experience when you drag your vape, and not a strong and very harsh and burnt taste. If nothing else, the dryness at the back of your throat will clue you in that there is something off.


Lack of Flavor

One of the reasons you likely vape is the taste that you get. There is a certain flavor that you expect the device to produce. If you're not getting that, there is probably something wrong with the pod. When you start using any device for the first time, you will want to make a mental note of what the experience is like.

This gets easier as time goes on, especially since you'll likely become very familiar with your pod. The moment it seems like you're not tasting the norm, begin to check things out, and don't ignore the problem.

You can start by checking the e-liquid levels and by validating what kind of flavor it is meant to produce. A strawberry-flavored variation should provide strong feedback when dragged, for example.


Cloud Production Issues

Sometimes, you may have selected devices that don't produce a ton of clouds for personal reasons. Like the flavor element, however, it's not very difficult for you to get acquainted with what the usual production levels look like. Once that starts to diminish or you're not seeing any clouds at all, it may mean that the pod needs to go.

Remember that the purpose of the pod is to atomize the e-liquid, which the heating element then turns to vapor. Sometimes, the heating element just needs to be fixed, but in many cases, you will find that the pod is not doing the atomization job very well.

As a last resort, try to ensure that your device is fully charged, just to verify that it's not a power issue. Should the problem persist, then replace the pod. If you still seem to be having the problem after the replacement, the heating element was likely at fault.


Remember to Choose Based on Your Needs

Sure, refillable vape pods are very attractive because of the value that they provide. Even so, do not rely on anyone to tell you which option is the best. That’s why we offer so many options for those who want a refillable vape in the UK.

For example, you may be a fan of our AirsPops Re-fillable Pods for their low cost and incredibly small profile.

They provide rich flavors, are easy to use, and are incredibly affordable. All these things may resonate with you and cause you to want to make the purchase. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you may also prefer another form factor.

The point being made here is that what may appeal to one person doesn't appeal to the other. Check out our slew of refillable products, read through the features, designs, and specifications, and ensure your satisfaction by making your needs the center of the selection process.