AirsPops Pro: Taking Stick Mods To Exciting New Heights – AIRSCREAM UK Limited (CRN : 11368960)
AirsPops Pro: Taking Stick Mods To Exciting New Heights

AirsPops Pro: Taking Stick Mods To Exciting New Heights

AirsPops Pro: Taking Stick Mods To Exciting New Heights

In a previous article, we explored the design philosophy behind bottle. by AirsPops, our  winner for the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021. With its brilliantly simple operation, compact yet high quality build and excellent flavour reproduction, bottle. by AirsPops was well received as our first Direct To Lung (DTL) device. bottle. by AirsPops is so unique in an increasingly saturated industry, its design is already being copied by other brands. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

With our next device, however, we wanted to combine all the elements people loved in bottle. by AirsPops into our stick type AirsPops range instead. While the DTL dripper mod experience has carved out a niche market for itself, people still trying to quit smoking need a vape device that could offer a similar experience to cigarettes. 

That meant we needed an MTL device, but one that would break the mould. Where bottle. by AirsPops went against every convention of box mods, it also redefined their potential in a more compact, simple and robust form. We wanted to do the same and redefine perceptions toward stick-type mods, as we felt their potential remains untapped. 

Stick-type pod mods were convenient and easy to use and maintain compared to box mods. Nicotine salt e-liquids offered a smooth vaping experience to support a higher nicotine ratio where freebase liquids would be too harsh. This meant stick mods could cater for heavy smokers where box mods can’t. But the higher resistance coils in stick mods typically carry also suggested they don’t have the rich flavours and hit experience of DTL box mods. What if we could bridge that gap and offer an MTL device to change how we look at stick mods completely?

Furthermore, to ensure that people would quit cigarettes for good, e-cigarettes can’t just be equal in experience. They had to surpass it! So we sought to make our most ambitious device ever: an MTL device so good that nobody would want to return to cigarette smoking! 

The AirsPops Pro has been winning praise and excellent reviews around the world for its remarkable flavour and hit experience.

The AirsPops Pro is the end result. In keeping with our design philosophy of minimalism, we made it simple, and eschewed many features that other devices offered to concentrate on the fundamentals: delivering an unmatched hit experience in a simple yet elegant, well crafted body that’s reassuring in your hands. In line with our sustainability goals, it also features USB-C charging, a large battery and replaceable coils. As long as your cartridge is kept in good condition, it can be reused indefinitely.

At launch, the AirsPops Pro was so in demand, we were completely sold out for months! The AirsPops Pro received near-universal acclaim across the globe, from Malaysia to the Middle East to Japan. It won the hearts of some of the world’s most reputable and trusted reviewers such as GrimmGreen, Vapor Trail Channel and Matt From SMM.

Even with the success of the AirsPops Pro, we’re not sitting idle. Listening to popular demand, we’ve introduced the new Nardo Grey variant to complement the original’s classy looks. With 20 flavours of AIRSCREAM 313 e-liquid already, users can expect even more across the year to complement your AirsPops Pro!

Available in classy white or sleek Nardo Grey, the AirsPops Pro is a statement in minimalism.