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Can the Vape Industry Survive the Flavours Ban?

Can the Vape Industry Survive the Flavours Ban?

Can the Vape Industry Survive the Flavours Ban?

Many flavoured vape products are now illegal in the United States, under the reasoning that it poses a danger to young people drawn in by delicious-sounding flavours and colourful marketing campaigns. So what does this mean for the global vape industry, and how can we responsibly continue to market vapes? Here's what we think.

Why did the United States Ban Flavoured Vape Products?

A few years ago, vaping was making news due to a sudden outbreak of vape-related lung illnesses. This was a wake-up call for consumers and the government alike. Consumers realised they had to be more careful about the brands they trusted, and the government recognized the need to regulate vape products to keep people safe.

In February 2020, the United States enacted a new law: a "flavour ban" on flavoured, cartridge-based vaping products. As a result, this blocked the sale of more than 55,000 vape products. Under this law, new flavoured tobacco products cannot be introduced to the U.S. market. Products that existed before the ban risk enforcement.

This rationale behind the band was that flavoured vape products are particularly appealing to young people. The FDA maintains that vape products pose a public health threat to youth, as they were mainly marketed with colourful packaging and fun-sounding flavours.

This ban significantly impacted vape brands, especially small to medium-sized e-cigarette companies. Some states have strict laws against flavoured e-liquids, others are more lenient. While the vape industry is not dead in the U.S., it has become much harder for many small businesses. Many companies have switched to selling only tobacco or menthol flavoured e-liquid.

Whether the U.S.  flavour ban will accomplish its goal of keeping vaping out of the hands of young people, only time will tell.

How Can Responsible Vape Brands Help Keep Vaping Alive?

So far, flavoured vapes are still legal in most countries outside the United States. While not everyone agrees with the U.S.'s decision to ban flavoured vape products, many people would argue that it's a part of a more comprehensive strategy to keep people (especially young people) safe and healthy.

Whenever you're inhaling something into your body, you want to be sure it is from a trusted source. That's why you should choose your vape brand carefully. It's not about flavoured versus unflavoured products but reputable brands versus disreputable ones.

At AIRSCREAM, we believe in authenticity, responsibility, and integrity. We're committed to marketing our products responsibly to those of legal age. Here's an excerpt from our Code of Ethics:

  • AIRSCREAM UK's products contain nicotine and are intended only for adult vapers and smokers of the legal age of vaping/smoking.
  • Our products are not appropriate or intended for those under the legal age.
  • Our products are not intended for those who have never smoked or vaped before.
  • We do not feature images or situations intended for an underage audience. This means not using cartoons, caricatures, or other designs to attract minors.

So, while our products are flavourful, they are also consciously marketed towards adults only. We believe this is the responsible thing to do!