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How Box Type Mods Shaped the E-Cigarette Industry

How Box Type Mods Shaped the E-Cigarette Industry

How Box Type Mods Shaped the E-Cigarette Industry

Part 1 in the Evolution of E-Cigarettes
In the last two decades, the e-cigarette and vape market has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This month, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular types of vapes and how they have shaped the industry as a whole. Keep reading to learn more about box mods – and stay tuned for the rest of this series on the rise and evolution of e-cigs!

Box Mods Then and Now
The box mod originally got its name when people began modifying existing hardware for a more customised experience, leading to a bulkier, boxier vape device. Early box mods were a step up from the cigalikes that were previously the only option available to vapers, but they required a lot of preparation and maintenance.

Today’s models are sleeker, more reliable and more user-friendly than they were several years ago. If spooling coils and cutting wads of cotton isn’t for you, you can find modernized devices with external tanks and ready-made coils, though classic dripper mods are still popular. While you’re unlikely to find these types of devices at your average corner store, there are many options to choose from at vape shops and online.

The Pros and Cons of Box Mods
Box mods, true to their name, tend to be large and boxy in shape – not as easy to slip into your pocket as a box of cigarettes or a vape pen. They’re complex compared to the immediate convenience and accessibility of cigarettes and disposable vapes. However, they make up for their lack of portability and convenience with a wealth of features.

Newer generation box mods have become very sophisticated. You can find LED screens that track your usage habits, color-changing LED lights, and other customization options. Most allow you to adjust temperature, airflow, wattage, coil resistance and more. You can customize the experience however you want, which is appealing to many box mod users.

Because it’s direct to lung, the box mod experience is very different from cigarette smoking, which is mouth to lung. Due to the much higher power output, the nicotine ratios are also different. If you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes, it’s possible that your average box mod won’t do the trick if the nicotine amount in your e-liquid is too low to curb your nicotine dependency. And if a box mod user is still turning to cigarettes for their nicotine fix (which is not an uncommon habit), then it defeats the purpose of using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. And, as mentioned, the hassle to set up a dripper mod for first use will already turn off many smokers looking for an alternative to quit.

Are Box Mods Still Relevant?
Even if they haven’t found a mass market, high-powered mods have a niche among those who appreciate the flavourful experience, high vapour volume and the ability to perform vape tricks. Many mod users also enjoy a disciplined, meticulous approach to vaping. In fact, there’s an entire subculture around box mods, and many vape shops are hubs of local mod culture. While these complex devices are not for everyone, box mods have played a role in pioneering e-cigarettes as we know it and are have found its own niche.

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