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The Growing Popularity of Disposable Vapes

The Growing Popularity of Disposable Vapes

The Growing Popularity of Disposable Vapes

There are countless vape devices on the market, but one category overshadows them all: disposable vapes. You might wonder why are disposable vapes so popular and why vapers choose them over other types? It all comes down to convenience, ease of use, enjoyment, and affordability. Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular type of vape device.

What is a Disposable (One-Use) Vape?

The clue is in the name! A disposable vape is ready to use right out of the box and designed to be thrown away after being exhausted.

When you first get a disposable vape, it’ll come packaged in a cardboard box containing a small vape device roughly the size of your finger. Though their designs can vary between brands, they are often colourful and rectangular or cylindrical, kind of like a highlighter pen. Disposable vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid and come with a fully charged, built-in battery.

The packaging will let you know how much liquid the vape device contains and the nicotine strength. Another important thing to note is disposable vapes are explicitly designed to have enough battery life to let you vape all the liquid within them. For example, our AirsPops ONE USE has a 550mAh battery, 5% nic salts, and 3mL of e-liquid. We have found that this is the perfect combination for a disposable vaporiser!


The Convenience of One-Use Vapes

So, what’s unique about single-use vapes? For most people, convenience wins out.

Unlike refillable vape pods, disposables are not made to be reused. Once the vaporiser runs out of liquid, it’s time to toss it. Here are a few of the specific ways that single use vapes are more convenient than other methods of consuming nicotine. 


No Refilling

Refillable vapes generally need to be filled first, meaning they aren’t ready to use out of the box. It can be challenging to fill them with liquid while on the go, making refillables slightly less convenient for busy vapers. Pre-filled pods can help mitigate this problem, but they still aren’t quite as immediately convenient as disposable vapes.


No Charging

Most refillable vapes need to be charged periodically. You may need to charge before using them for the first time, but the same isn’t valid with disposable vapes. Disposables have a battery designed to last long enough for you to vape every last drop of e-liquid without losing power.


No Cleaning or Maintenance

If you’re reusing a vape over and over, it will need cleaning and maintenance. Parts like the vaporising coil will wear out, and you’ll need to replace them eventually. Some devices are fiddly and complicated to set up, clean, and maintain. But when you’re relying on disposable vapes, you’ll never have to worry about this.


No Leaking

Despite best intentions, refillable vapes are more prone to leaking– which isn’t great when they’re in your pocket or your bag. In contrast, disposable vapes don’t need to be constructed in a way that allows you to open them up, so they’re unlikely to leak. You can take disposable vapes on the go without any worries.

While it’s certainly a great benefit, the convenience isn’t the only thing keeping people coming back to disposable vapes time and time again.


Disposable Vapes Are Easy to Use and Access

Are you just getting started with vaping? Don’t worry! There’s no learning curve, just instant satisfaction when it comes to single use vapes! Not only are they easy to get the hang of, but they are also widely accessible whether you’re travelling or hanging out at home.


They’re Enjoyable and Flavourful

One of the main reasons why disposable vapes are so popular is that they’re enjoyable to use. Many disposables vape contain nicotine salts, which are more satisfying per puff than your traditional using nicotine. They also come in just about any flavour you can think of, from watermelon to mint to blueberry sangria.


One Use Vapes Are a Replacement for Cigarettes

In years past, smoking cigarettes was far more normalised. Today, far fewer people are willing to smoke now that the health risks are more fully understood. For anyone wanting a nicotine fix, vaping is a cleaner, more convenient option that comes in a wide array of flavours. It’s effortless to travel with vapes and dispose of them after use, and compared to cigarettes, and you don’t have to deal with the same risks (or the smell!).


Disposable Vapes Are Available at a Low Price

For just a few pounds, you can get a satisfying, high-quality one-use vape device. This is great if you’re getting into vaping and you’re not sure what you’ll enjoy, or if you are travelling and you don’t want to take anything expensive with you. With disposables, you can try out every flavour and still not break the bank! And if you dislike a flavour, it’s a small loss compared to spending on an entire e-liquid bottle or pre-filled pods.

In contrast, refillable devices are more costly to purchase at the outset, though they will save you money over time. While refillable vape devices or pre-filled pods will always be a great option and may be preferred by some vapers, it’s safe to say that disposable vapes have a significant place in today’s world. Their popularity doesn’t seem like it will die down anytime soon.


* AirsPops ONE USE are presently not available in the UK and EU.