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AirsPops ONE USE 6ml Mesh: Adding Value and Changing Behaviour Towards Disposables

AirsPops ONE USE 6ml Mesh: Adding Value and Changing Behaviour Towards Disposables

AirsPops ONE USE 6ml Mesh: Adding Value and Changing Behaviour Towards Disposables

At AIRSCREAM UK, we’re always looking to redefine the user experience and raise the bar for what e-cigarettes can do as a quit tool. One area of concern to us is in disposables, including our own ONE USE range. Despite being bestsellers, we wanted to provide even more value to users while increasing the usage duration to at least be more sustainable. Hence the introduction of the AirsPops ONE USE 6ml Mesh.

In a previous article, we explored the advantages and concerns with disposable vapes. Disposables are by far the bestselling form of e-cigarettes around the world. They are the most effective transition to help users quit smoking. They’re easily accessible, affordable and offer an equivalent nicotine hit experience to cigarettes while having zero maintenance. They’re also great when travelling: no need to worry about leaks, and if you lose them, it’s far less of a heartbreak (and dent on your wallet) than losing your beloved AirsPops Pro in a country that doesn’t sell them! On the flip side, we also acknowledge the potential for wastage and serious environmental hazards that disposables pose when improperly disposed of.

So how can we make vaping, in particular disposables less environmentally harmful? This was the big question that we asked ourselves at the turn of 2022. Even as we were pivoting our operations to be more environmentally sustainable, how can we change perceptions and behaviours towards disposables so users can recognise their value and not just see them as throwaway devices?

The ONE USE 6ml Mesh, developed for the global (non-TPD) market is our first attempt to address these concerns while preserving the convenience, advantage and ease of disposables. By offering a larger sized variant at a price point cheaper than buying two smaller disposables, we hope to reduce consumption and wastefulness by doubling user time per device. After all, if they’re using one device that lasts twice as long, costs less than two separate 3ml disposables, has a better vaping experience, and users are halving their waste generation, that’s already better than maintaining current consumption habits. It’s win-win! But why stop there?

The ONE USE 6ml offers a better vaping experience for lower cost while doubling usage duration and halving waste generation compared to regular disposables when used habitually.

With the ONE USE 6ml Mesh, we also wanted to offer consumers a literal taste of the benefits of using a more powerful open system device like the AirsPops Pro. The titular Mesh coil allows the ONE USE 6ml Mesh to deliver stronger flavours for an even better experience. It’s our hope that this improved taste experience can encourage more users to switch to the AirsPops Pro, which offers an even better taste experience, while being more environmentally sustainable.

Even with the initial investment costs, an open system like the AirsPops Pro is also more economical in the long run because of savings from buying e-liquid bottles (one 30ml bottle holds the equivalent of 5 ONE USE 6ml Mesh for the price of just one). Sure, there’s some trade-offs: pod systems aren’t as convenient and require some maintenance, but the long-term cost savings alone would justify the move.

We’re aware that the ONE USE 6ml Mesh isn’t a complete answer to the growing ecological problem of disposables. Nevertheless, while disposables continue to be the bestselling form of e-cigarettes every day, we had to take a first step, even if it’s only an interim solution. If the larger capacity of the ONE USE 6ml Mesh can already halve the waste generated by our users, that’s already a positive step. Furthermore, the ONE USE 6ml Mesh is only 20% larger than its 3ml counterpart despite having a significantly larger battery and double the e-liquid capacity. So the actual waste footprint will also be reduced if our existing disposable users switch to this larger format.

The ONE USE 6ml Mesh is only the first step towards our sustainability goals. We’re already hard at work at making AIRSCREAM UK more sustainable, and more future products will reflect this commitment.

To offer customers incentive to embrace the more economical and environmentally friendlier ONE USE 6ml Mesh, two new flavours, Mango Pineapple and Lemon Passionfruit (pictured above) debuted for it first before being made available in other variants.