bottle. by AirsPops: Redefining e-cigarettes – AIRSCREAM UK Limited (CRN : 11368960)
bottle. by AirsPops: Redefining e-cigarettes

bottle. by AirsPops: Redefining e-cigarettes

bottle. by AirsPops: Redefining e-cigarettes

Despite being small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, bottle. by AirsPops can carry a powerful 0.6 ohm coil for superb flavour reproduction.

After the success of the AirsPops pod system, we went back to the drawing board to create a new device that was almost entirely different from the AirsPops range. We wanted to bridge the gap between box and pod mods, so the new device had to be significantly more powerful to be of interest to box mod users. As much as we love how unique the box mod experience is however, there were some considerations that we wanted to address with our new device, namely:

  1. Box mods were large and bulky. Some newer models had more streamlined designs, but nobody would ever consider one compact.
  2. Classic dripper type mods required a lot of maintenance work, between cutting and spooling wires to form coils, and replacing wads of cotton after use. This definitely made them cumbersome to bring on the go and unappealing to someone wanting a convenient yet healthier alternative to cigarettes.
  3. While box mods were great for people who liked low nicotine ratios, many smokers looking to quit were more used to higher nicotine ratios, which would be too strong on traditional mods.
  4. Box mods were expensive. The newer mods have sophisticated features such as LCD screens, adjustable coil resistance and draw duration, but while they have become a subculture in itself, box mods also tend to be outside the budget of smokers looking to transition into e-cigarettes.


So in response, the new product had to meet the following criteria:

  1. Portable and pocketable, while rugged enough to handle everyday use on the go..
  2. Simple operation and maintenance.
  3. Able to support both low and high nicotine ratio e-liquids.
  4. Be relatively affordable without losing the best aspect of box mods: the rich flavour and direct to lung (DTL) experience.

bottle. by AirsPops’ distinctively unique design without sacrificing functionality won it the coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021

bottle. by AirsPops is the end result. It’s our first true open system device, featuring an interchangeable drip tip mount, magnetic reusable tank, and replaceable coils. To cater for both box and pod users, bottle. by AirsPops also supported two coil resistances: 0.6 ohms for freebase, low nicotine box mod users, and 1.0 ohms for nicotine salt-based e-liquids commonly found in pod mods. Mindful of the higher power requirements, bottle. by AirsPops also comes with an extra large 1200 mAh battery to last even the heaviest users for the day.

Breaking away from the complexity of box mods, bottle. by AirsPops instead delivered the simplicity of a pod system. A single button acts as the on/off switch, and also activates the draw when held down. It’s also AIRSCREAM UK’s first device to feature adjustable airflow, done simply by rotating the tank

Despite the much larger power output compared with the previous AirsPops devices, bottle. by AirsPops maintains a small and pocketable form factor, which is an important criteria to help users quit smoking. After all, if a device is only being used at home because it’s too inconvenient to bring out, it’s not keeping users away from cigarettes! Eschewing the sophisticated array of electronic controls found on the most expensive box mods also allowed us to give bottle. by AirsPops a high quality and durable aluminium body. We want it to bring you many happy years of vaping!

As part of our commitment to minimalism and providing value, bottle. by AirsPops was envisioned to be simple, practical and capable of delivering a great user experience. So it came as a huge (but pleasant) surprise when it was announced as the winner for the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021. The win was significant, but even as Red Dot said in their congratulatory letter, “winning is the beginning.” 

Indeed, even as bottle. by AirsPops was a major perspective shift in rethinking design and functionality for vape devices, it would also pave the way for our next device, the AirsPops Pro.

Elegant, durable and simple, bottle. by AirsPops is AIRSCREAM UK’s attempt to bring the box mod experience to a smaller pod-based system.