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The Rise and Evolution of E-Cigarettes

The Rise and Evolution of E-Cigarettes

The Rise and Evolution of E-Cigarettes

Part 4 in the Evolution of E-Cigarettes

If you’ve been along for the ride for the other parts of this series, you already have a good idea of the different types of vapes and how they fit into the rise and evolution of e-cigs. (If not, you can check out the other parts here: Part 1: Box Mods, Part 2: Stick Type Mods, and Part 3: Disposables.)

Here’s a synopsis of e-cigarette history – and why e-cigs are playing a unique role in helping smokers successfully quit. 

Why Were E-Cigs First Developed?
Originally, e-cigarettes were developed as a less harmful alternative to smoking. In 2003, the modern e-cig got its start. By 2006, they were introduced to Europe, though it took a few more years for them to become widely available to consumers.

The first e-cigs to hit the market were were cigalike products that used ultrasonic vibrations to turn e-liquid into mist. However, early cigalikes weren’t an instant sensation. They had problems, most notably the weak hit and unreliable plastic cartridges. Overall, these early cigalikes were insufficient to curb smokers’ nicotine cravings.

Manufacturers realized that to create the experience smokers wanted in an e-cig, they would have to change the design to provide a more powerful hit. Thus, the box mod was born. Box mods were the first generation of e-cigarettes to really take off and paved the way for the more user-friendly stick type pod mods and disposable vapes to rise in popularity. Right now, we’re seeing a surge in the popularity of disposables.

Why Have E-Cigarettes Gotten So Popular in Recent Years?
The dramatic switch to e-cigarettes in recent years are primarily thanks to the growing accessibility of vape devices. Today, according to a 2021 Smokefree GB survey, upwards of 3.6 million people in the UK use e-cigarettes.

Not only are they more accessible than ever, but they’re better than ever, too. Today’s vape devices are convenient, user-friendly, and in some cases they’re even comparable to cigarettes, giving smokers a truly viable alternative to smoking.

In the UK, e-cigarettes are recognized as a legitimate tool for smokers to quit. While quitting smoking is notoriously difficult, switching to e-cigs is by far the most successful method when combined with counseling. Case in point: a 2017 survey showed that over 50,000 smokers were able to stop smoking with a vaping product when they otherwise would have carried on smoking (Public Health England report, Feb 2021). Without the soot and other harmful chemicals being inhaled into the lungs, vaping is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Now, thanks to today’s innovative e-cigarette options, the user experience also rivals the simplicity of cigarette smoking. It’s no coincidence that the percentage of smokers in the UK has been declining steadily. Many former smokers are making the switch, some with the goal of switching to a less-harmful option and others with a goal of weaning off their nicotine habit and quitting altogether.

Ready to Switch? Find the Right Type of E-Cig for You!

Box Mods
Box mods have the strongest taste and large vapour volume, and they’re typically used with lower nicotine strengths. They’re often bulky and require preparation and maintenance, though newer designs have reduced the learning curve significantly. While not a box mod per se, bottle. by AirsPops is bridging that gap with a more convenient and portable device inspired by box mods with a nearly equivalent power output.

Stick-Type Pod Mods
These devices offer a good balance between convenience and experience. Nicotine strength is variable, depending on user preference and whether it is using nicotine salts or free based. We offer two options: AirsPops if you prefer light flavour strength and AirsPops Pro if you prefer a more flavourful hit.

While they typically don’t have the strongest flavor strength, they make up for it with the greatest convenience and ease of use. Non-TPD disposables tend to have a higher nicotine count, making them an effective replacement for cigarettes. AIRESCREAM’s range of AirsPops ONE USE disposables are highly portable and come in many flavours.

AIRSCREAM AirsPops E-cigaretteE-cigarettes are by far the most effective tool to quit smoking. AIRSCREAM UK manufactures a range of devices, disposables and e-liquid flavours in the hopes of offering users an experience that’s better and healthier than cigarette smoking so they never have to look back!